femmehacks hackers
Philly's first all-women*collegiate hackathon
February 7-8th 2020 @ Penn Engineering and the Pennovation Center
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*We realize "women" is a complicated term. FemmeHacks welcomes trans and cis women, as well as nonbinary and gender non-conforming folks :). Equality for all, y'all!


Beginner friendly

No experience is required to attend FemmeHacks. We host a bunch of workshops in topics like web dev and hardware to get you ramped up to make a project. Plus, there will be awesome women* mentors from cool tech companies to teach you!


Good vibez

Along with lots of learning, there will also be tons of fun side events and creative outlets for you to take a break. For example, we had a panel of women in the field (ranging from academics to industry), a game room, and a candy bar last year :)


It's free!

Just show up. We'll pay for your Lyft to the venue, and have all kinds of good (but healthy) food and loads of $w@g. Register now to reserve your spot!