About Us

FemmeHacks is a beginner-friendly, collegiate hackathon for women-identifying* individuals in Philly/NY/NJ, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania's Women in Computer Science. Our goal is to inspire, teach, and empower women in the Philly tech community. We believe that together we can build inventions, learn, inspire one another, and create a community of women* in the field. we have be both beginner and intermediate workshops on Friday in topics like web dev, hardware, and Github (a code collaboration tool). And on Saturday we have all-day hacking with mentors, engineers, hardware, tech companies, start ups, swag, and good food.
* we realize "women" is a complicated term. We use * to specifically and intentionally welcome trans and cis women, as well as nonbinary and gender non-conforming folks :). Equality for all, y'all.

Meet the Team

  • Andrea

    Big Bang Theory disciple. Tried playing 7 different sports in middle school.

    Computer Science '18
  • Anvita

    Will code for cookies. Unless they're oatmeal raisin.

    Computer Science & Behavioral Econ '18
  • Amelia

    Committed to always calling out that dude over there for being sexist.

    Computer Science & Gender Studies '17
  • Jess

    Marketing whiz. Or something like that.

    Marketing and Management '19
  • Talia

    Was Minnie Mouse in a past life.

    Networked and Social Systems Engineering '19
  • Stephanie

    Still loves building Legos and coding/jamming to Disney songs--child at heart.

    Computer Engineering '19
  • Sam

    Lover of all things chocolate and code.

    Networked and Social Systems Engineering '19
  • Shilpa

    She, for one, can't wait for the singularity!

    Linguistics & Computer Science '19
  • Hannah

    Would do anything for a free t-shirt... Including help plan FemmeHacks.

    Computer Science & Cognitive Science '19
  • Meghana

    Grew up in 5 countries, should probably be in the Huntsman Program but coding is more fun.

    Computer Science, Finance, Statistics '18
  • Elena

    Is in love with Dwight K. Schrute.

    Computer Science '19
  • Lissa

    CIS Office Hours and my two dogs are life.

    Computer Science '19
  • Dorothy

    Likes coding, sleeping, and coffee (not necessarily in that order).

    Computer Science '19
  • Siyin

    I am Batman.

    Computer Science & Economics '18
  • Karen

    I know 10 different languages. Granted, 7 of them are programming ones...

    Computer Science '18
  • Karinna

    Loves photography, baking, and people who eat baked goods.

    Networked and Social Systems Engineering '18
  • Sneha

    Loves math, science, and coding. Still waiting for her Hogwarts letter.

    Computer Science & Cognitive Science '20
  • Grace

    Lives for active adventures, beautiful fonts, the golden hour, sunshine after rain, and working code.

    Digital Media Design '18
  • Jennie

    Marathoned Harry Potter on ABC Family before it was Freeform.

    Computer Science '19